My First Blog Post

What an utterly crazy year. I won’t get into all of the gory details here, but I will say I believe the most important aspect of life I’ve swallowed, and the hardest lesson to learn, was developing the ability to embrace obstacles as opportunities for learning experiences and personal growth. To give myself time to establish solid footing through the hardships with the help of my wonderful and extensive support system, swallow the given situation as painlessly as possible, and acknowledge what needs to be accomplished without drowning in the details. And to do all of that with an eye to the irony or humor of the moment, with a smile on my face (after a good cry, of course), even if I have to fake it till I make it. “This too shall pass” is the official mantra of my new zen, and it’s so true. This too shall pass, and to let the good moments slip away unnoticed in the shadow of the difficult is too easy and a real shame, because the happy of the day (the weeks, the months, the years) passes as quickly as the angry and the sad. Things are tough, but tough is life. There are too many uncontrollable factors to concentrate on anything but the ones you can, lest you lose yourself in fear of the unknown. It’s how you react to things, to people, to seemingly unbearable situations that define you as a person. And I’m happy to report that I, my friends, am learning to dance in the rain.

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring, the warmth and the influx of vitamin D it so thoughtfully brings to the table. I’ll be back soon, and soon after that, to keep you guys updated on the exciting things happening for our family in the coming months. I’ve talked long enough for now 🙂